martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014

Bosnian Rainbows - Torn Maps

Bosnian Rainbows - Torn Maps Lyrics

Of the Atlantic Ocean
Once held
The secrets of this world

Soldier is in constant search
Believing love will end
Asymmetrical warfare
Has got us on the run

Can we just stop
Acting like we don’t know?
Eating up your lies
Throw them out tomorrow
Can we hold hands?
I promise you that they are clean
Putting up a fight
Against these men that hide behind
Newspapers and networking
Against these men that hide behind

Those minds are tearing at old scars
Hoping the truth will heal their past
Mother is in constant search
Expecting love will grow
Burning out before the flame
Has got us up in arms


We’re not too ?
It’s commuting two people in ?
We’re not too final
Growing up to be another doormat

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